Birmingham, 10 January 2017 – XING Mobility, an electric vehicle startup from Taipei, are exhibiting their full range of electric powertrain solutions at Europe’s largest indoor motorsports show Autosport International.

In November last year, XING Mobility revealed ‘Miss R’, their 1 Megawatt (1,341hp) rally-inspired supercar prototype, set for completion in late 2018. Featuring one 350V motor per wheel and projected performance of 0-100km/h in 1.8 seconds, the prototype features dual-personality on-track/off-road capabilities, and extremely fast air-release battery swap technology that sees the entire battery enclosure exchanged within 5 minutes.

Now, the company are making the ultra-high output electric powertrain and drive systems technology developed and tested in Miss R available for motorsports and commercial vehicle applications. Alongside in-house developed torque-vectoring gearbox systems, the company will be introducing the “secret sauce” behind their performance capabilities: their patented immersive-cooling battery system. The technology works by submerging cells directly in 3M™ Novec™ 7200 Engineered Fluid, allowing sufficient battery cooling to achieve extremely high performance, higher charge and discharge rates, extended battery life and a greater level of predictability. The pack is currently one of the highest power density electric vehicle battery packs on the market, using exceptionally lightweight packaging material to offer up to 50% weight saving in comparison to rivals.

The first modularized system of its kind, the company consider their stackable battery packs to be the opportune solution for vehicle makers in the racing and motorsports world. Its LEGO-like design caters to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and power requirements and uniquely enables the company to deliver one-off custom pack design in as little two weeks.

With Autosport International attracting over 85,000 professionals and enthusiasts across the four-day show, XING Mobility hope that presenting their full range of modular, easily-integrated electric drivetrain products will encourage more vehicle makers to take advantage of recent groundbreaking developments in EV technology. With a strong focus on tailored solutions, XING Mobility offer their clients a choice of services ranging from bespoke engineering consulting, to the delivery of battery systems, to the provision of full EV drivetrains for complete vehicles. In addition, the company is using the technology they have developed to assist vehicle makers in migrating into low-medium volume production using their extensive knowledge of Taiwan’s vast and high-quality industrial supply chain.

About XING Mobility

Founded in Taipei in 2015, XING Mobility innovates advanced energy storage and electric drive technology using the development of extreme-performance racecars and supercars as their R&D platform. XING Mobility's mission is to provide tightly integrated electric powertrains to the world's commercial and industrial vehicle makers. For more information visit or follow @xingmobility on Twitter/ Facebook and @xingmob on Instagram.

About Autosport International

Autosport International is Europe’s largest indoor pre-season Motorsport event. Entering its 29th year, the show features the very latest in Motorsport, automotive and performance engineering technology. It not only attracts businesses for networking but also Motorsport enthusiasts have a chance to see the latest technologies, fastest cars and live action cars. For more information, visit