Advanced Battery Management System - XING BMS

  1. Designed and developed by XING Mobility. 

  2. High performance with optimized accuracy of the prediction algorithm.

  3. High-reliability standard of ISO26262 ASIL-C and ECE R10 compliant system to secure fault monitoring and maintenance prevention.

  4. High flexibility for remote system upgrade and customized feature adding.

Battery Control Unit (BCU)

XING Mobility designed Battery Management System (BMS) provide the battery performance prediction with battery pack current and voltage measuring. Using Extended Kalman filter (EKF) to execute cross-validation to achieve high accurate State of Charge (SOC).

Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU)

With real-time monitoring of cell voltage and temperature on multiple measuring points, Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU) performs passive cell balancing to increase battery system reliability and achieve optimized performance.

Over The Air Unit (OTA)

Real-time global mobile network connection. For malfunction tracking of application operation, to enable identification and resolution of warranty issues before occurred. Standard designed port and reliable cloud platform of GCP & AWS for BMS upgrade to reach the latest firmware version or customized new-adding feature.

Advanced Thermal Management

  • Dynamic SOC/SOH/SOP Algorithm 
  • Cell balancing
  • Advanced Thermal Management

Active Safety Protection

  • Real-time HV insulation Detection & HVIL
  • Active Safety & Protection
  • Redundant Protection Algorithm
  • Automotive Grade Electrical Noise Immunity

Real-Time Cell Monitoring

  • Parallel Connection Up to 31 String
  • Customizable & Configurable CAN Interface
  • Intelligent OTA Connect & Upgrade

Fail-safe Design Reduncdant Protection

Dynamic State of Power (SOP) algorithm advises the optimal power in/output in various battery statuses. This algorithm is to keep battery cells working in Safe Operation Area (SOA) in different applications.  XING BMS 2.0 architecture is designed as the master and slave pack configuration to achieve scalable capacity up to 31 string.

XING BMS 2.0 functionality not only covers real-time cell monitoring but supports real-time HV insulation detection and High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) design to ensure entire battery pack safety while charging and discharging.

XING developed Active Safety Module (ASM) that combines current sensors, isolation detection, fuses, and contractors to handle faulty conditions like short-circuit, over-current, overcharge, over-discharge, and loss of isolation. 

ISO 26262

XING’s battery management system development followed ISO26262 ASIL-C standard with automotive grade components, for the entire battery system's electrical/electronic functional safety.


XING’s Battery Management System tested as ECE R10 compliance to ensure the best electromagnetic compatibility level including Automotive Grade Electrical Noise Immunity

UN 38.3

XING Mobility’s IMMERSIO™ XM25 passed United Nations standard UN38.3, ensuring the battery systems do not rupture, leak, disassemble, or catch fire during the delivery.


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