Collaborating with partners from diverse industries, XING Mobility drives innovation, creates new business opportunities, and contributes to a sustainable future.Explore the opportunities through our global strategic partnerships and join us in shaping an energy-efficient world.

  • Castrol
    Castrol, a wholly owned subsidiary of BP plc, is a British lubricant company that markets industrial and automotive lubricants, offering a wide range of oil, greases and similar products for most lubrication applications.
    Starting 2020, Castrol has collaborated with XING Mobility to dive into the study and commercialization of immersion cooling technology on batteries. In 2021, both companies entered a global partnership to bring this safe, out-performed, and reliable technology to future mobility.
  • Nordic
    Nordic Booster is the Norwegian market leader in mobile fast chargers, and a battery supplier for heavy vehicles, marine, and industrial products. Nordic Booster combines large battery systems with fast chargers and energy management.
    Starting 2019, Nordic Booster has engaged with XING Mobility to introduce immersion-cooled battery system to the Scandinavia market. Nordic Booster is also the full-authorized distributor for IMMERSIO™ XM25 in North Europe.
  • HKS
    HKS Co., Ltd. 株式会社エッチ・ケー・エス is one of the leaders in motor sports retrofits and after market services, specializing in the production and sales of accessory automotive parts and components.
    In 2021, HKS deals a strategic partnership with XING Mobility to develop electrification for Japan market.
  • Kastro
    Kastro Contracting is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers aiming to provide advanced solutions of electrification industry in Australia. Offerings of Kastro Contracting include smart energy storage solutions and a diversified range of contract services in the mining industry.

    Kastro Contracting starts to serve as a distrubution partner for XING Mobility in Australia in 2021.