Introduction of Immersion Cooling Technology

What is Immersion-Cooling Technology


Managing heat is a big challenge for efficient and safe battery systems in electric vehicles and energy storage system. Overheating can cause device failure, reduced efficiency, and fire risk. Most thermal management systems are complex and expensive, but immersion cooling is an innovative and adaptable method that can prevent thermal runaway and increase battery lifespan. 

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A Highly Effective Method for Battery System Thermal Control


The proper design considerations for immersion-cooling battery systems are different yet more straightforward than conventional liquid-cooling battery systems. Essentially, an immersion-cooling battery system integrates the cooling system into the battery housing itself, without extensive coolant channels, cold plates, and coolant pipes. Pressure relief features are now part of the battery housing, rather than only a cooling system feature. However, it does mean that the battery housing needs to be leak-tight, as any moisture or air would compromise the coolant’s ability to conduct heat away or flow to the battery cells and to flow through the system.


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