Advantages of Immersion Cooling Technology

Cooling Performance 


Immersion-cooled battery packs maintain 20 ~ 30% cooler temperature compared to conventional indirect liquid-cooled battery packs.

Thermal Performance test results shows 10-degree delta between immersion cooling and indirect liquid cooling method on cell surface temperature and 20-degree delta on busbar temperature represent the thermal control capability using immersion cooling solution. Immersion-cooled battery pack will have 20 ~ 30% cooler temperature compared to indirect liquid cooled battery pack.

What is thermal runaway? 

When a single cell fails, the material within starts an exothermic (energy-releasing) decomposition reaction, and the rate of decomposition is positively correlated with temperature. In short, as temperature increases, decomposition occurs, further increasing the temperature, which causes further decomposition. This forms a feedback loop that goes on until the temperature reaches a point to rupture the cell and the remaining energy within the cell is released in the form of heat and pressure.


How does Immersion cooling help to suppress? 

One of the main reasons to design and implement immersion cooling solutions into battery systems is to mitigate thermal runaway within one single cell. The reason behind fire and explosion on battery system is thermal runaway happen on a single cell and causes chain reaction to spread to multiple cells to increase to extremely high temperature and light up everything. When the heat dissipation is big enough to control thermal runaway within one battery cell, there is no chance for chain reaction from happening

Nail Penetration Test


No fire propagation was detected when during nail penetration to a single cell, causing it to undergo thermal runaway.  Surrounding cells’ surface temperature were recorded  20% below cell crashing temperature of 120ºC.   Surfaced temperature on penetrated cell returned to normal working level in 10 seconds, while surrounding cells temperature returned to normal level within 15 seconds.

Longer Cycle Life


Immersion-cooled battery modules tested 10% longer life cycle compared to conventional indirect liquid cooled module at -4C/+2C charge/discharge rates.  Immersion cooled battery module is capable of reaching over 6,000 charge-cycles with 70% SOH remaining.

Better Battery Warm-Ups

In extreme weather conditions, low temperature for instance, battery cells need to be brought up to working temperature to properly and safely function. XING’s immersion-cooled battery system shows an outstanding performance of 2X faster heat-up rate compared to indirect liquid cooling. 


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