The last few months have seen XING Mobility head into an action-packed and event-filled season. Here are just a few highlights since the last time we checked in...

Exclusive footage of Miss R's first shakedown was released

XING Mobility's 1 Megawatt supercar was tested with a full interim body at a number of discrete undisclosed locations in Taiwan, which we revealed in an exclusive shakedown video release: Click the link below for all the dust, bumps and tire-changes that you'd expect from the first-ever on-road, off-road supercar...

Supercar exhibited alongside brand new commercial vehicle project

Following the shakedown, Miss R was displayed once again at Taipei's AMPA exhibition in Taipei, this time exposing it's patented immersive-cooled battery pack, enabling the public to get a closer look at the car’s core technology. But what really got people talking was the debut of Miss R's commercial vehicle brother: a 3.5 ton commercial truck, nicknamed "Mr T", featuring technologies derived from the supercar.

XING Mobility drove forward as a global player

In the last few months, the XING team have made an appearance at the Houston's CERAWeek, the UK's Autosport International, California's clean truck conference ACTExpo, Malaysia's SEA Dragon Venture Platform, Germany's Battery Show, and the Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference in HK. We've connected with new clients from around the world, from European race teams to American construction vehicle makers.

Meanwhile in the press....

So far, 2018 has seen our press coverage expanding further into mainstream media across the globe with Bloomberg, Business Insider, Reuters, The Sun, Spiegel and The International Business Times all covering XING Mobility's progress. We were also excited to invite the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet show to our workshop for a close-up glance of our engineers at work, and for a few laps around a test site.

So what's next?

Well, you can expect some groundbreaking announcements in the upcoming months, with our supercar undergoing some exciting performance tests and body adjustments, watch this space for the final results...

Finally, thank you to everyone who visited our recent trade shows and for the continued support, we've received from our community and supporters. Tune in for more news soon!

– The XING Mobility team