The first electric supercar with on-track and off-road capabilities, XING Mobility’s Miss R is capable of producing 1 Megawatt of power (1,341 hp) and is a showcase of XING Mobility’s high performance EV battery technology and powertrain systems. Currently in development, the prototype is projected to reach performance levels of 0-100km in 1.8 seconds.
  • Rated DC Voltage: 425~325V
  • Capacity: 52 kWh
  • 4,116 lithium-ion 18650 cells in 98 configurable battery modules
  • Patented XING Immersion-Cooling High Discharge technology
  • Enhanced protection against thermal runaway
  • Rapid Energy Swap System: entire battery pack can be replaced in 5min

'XING mobility proves there’s yet unchartered territory in the electric hypercar space'