Taipei-based electric powertrain system supplier, XING Mobility has selected Clean Wave Technologies to provide electric motors and drive control units as part of a rally-inspired supercar. “Miss R”, the world’s first electric supercar with on-road and off-road capabilities, will deliver 1 Megawatt of power. The vehicle will utilize four Clean Wave traction motors, one for each wheel. The supercar will provide four-wheel torque vectoring and be capable of staggering speeds. Powered by four independent 225kW electric motors, XING’s prototype supercar has projected performance of 0-100km/h in 1.8 seconds, 0-200km/h in 5.1 seconds and a max speed of over 270km/h.

XING Mobility selected Clean Wave because of its unique product features including high-efficiency, compact design, low weight and the use of no rare earth metals. XING Mobility’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Azizi Tucker explains, “In our exhaustive global selection process, we required a drive system that delivered high peak and sustainable continuous power. We selected Clean Wave in light of its unique AC Induction design. It offers a drive system that meets our performance requirements, while providing the benefits of nearly 20% less weight and size at a competitive price point.”

XING Mobility is already working with commercial and industrial vehicle makers from around the world to apply technology from Miss R in city buses, ride-sharing scooters, construction vehicles and special-purpose boats. Most recently, integrated technology derived from Miss R has been deployed in a 3.5 ton converted multipurpose transit vehicle, making its debut in Taipei in April 2018.

Having undergone extensive development to produce a battery module design with market-leading power density, it was imperative for XING Mobility that their partner motor provider was well-matched in providing high power output, while crucially remaining light and small. In Miss R, this translates into minimizing weight to maximize speed. However, according to Mr. Tucker, the benefits of the combined Clean Wave motor and XING battery system are even more prevalent in a commercial and industrial context, where vehicle users and fleet managers are sensitive to payload. By integrating a light, high power-density battery and motor drivetrain, industrial vehicles are able to conserve more space for cargo and other functions, ensuring a faster return on investment. Additionally, by selecting a high-quality electric drivetrain system, operating costs, and thus lifetime cost, of the vehicle are far lower than in their gasoline counterparts.

“We are pleased to supply and partner with an innovative company such as XING Mobility. They offer a scalable and modular powertrain that is well suited for the global electric vehicle market. Many of our customers want turnkey solutions that include the electric drive, transmission, cooling and battery system,” states Manoj Karwa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clean Wave Technologies. “XING offers a unique solution that is well suited for niche and specialty customers in the medium-duty truck market. Fleet customers require specific duty cycles that may rely on different energy and power characteristics based on applications such as delivery, utility or refuge. XING delivers a scalable solution that can rapidly meet the unique requirements of low volume fleet customers,” explains Mr. Karwa.

In support of this collaboration, XING Mobility and Clean Wave Technologies will be exhibiting at the largest advanced transportation technology & clean fleet event in the 2018 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. XING Mobility will exhibit a modular electrified axle and battery pack at the event being held at the Long Beach Convention Center from April 30 to May 3, 2018.

About XING Mobility

Founded in Taipei in 2015, XING Mobility is an electric vehicle powertrain systems company. XING Mobility innovates advanced energy storage and electric drive technology using the development of extreme-performance racecars and supercars as their R&D platform. By leveraging Taiwan's extensive industrial supply chain, XING Mobility's mission is to provide tightly integrated electric powertrains to the world's commercial and industrial vehicle makers.

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