LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – 16 October 2019 – XING Mobility, an electric vehicle (EV) technology provider, have launched their advanced electric battery and powertrain products in the US lawn care and outdoor power market. Appearing for the first time at next week’s GIE+Expo: The Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, the company will display their modularized, fast-install battery pack alongside a range of integrated, plug-and-play drivetrain accessories.  

XING Mobility’s Immersio™ Modular Battery System is a stackable energy solution that acts as a direct engine replacement and can be configured into a huge variety of size, shape and power needs. Uniquely made up of standardized, compact modules, the product is designed to make it as easy as possible for vehicle manufactures to electrify their existing vehicle or equipment fleets, or to design electric prototypes that can be tested and validated within a short development time. The products are optimized to serve manufacturers who produce in low-to-medium sized fleet volumes but with a high-mix of vehicle or equipment types, and where configurability of the powertrain within a tight chassis space is critical. In the lawn care and outdoor power industry, applications of the Immersio™ Modular Battery System can range from commercial lawn mower equipment and snow removal, to light construction and agricultural vehicles.

On announcing the launch of their products in North America, the company’s co-founder and CTO, Azizi Tucker, explained that; “We quickly identified lawn care, garden and outdoor power industry as a prime potential benefactor of our modular battery technology because we know there is a huge demand for electrification in this market. We see the main drivers of this demand to be compliance with noise and emission regulation which significantly extends the usability of the equipment, as well as compatibility with autonomous technology developments, which are right around the corner. In developing a product with ease-of-deployment and fast prototyping capability as a design priority, we hope to deliver electrified fleets to industrial equipment manufacturers as quickly as the industry demands.”

Notably, the company are a market leader in immersion cooling technology, a thermal management method that submerges battery cells directly in non-conductive cooling fluid. Immersion cooling in electric vehicles is now widely considered to be the most effective method of cooling due to the 100% cell-to-coolant contact. This improved heat control and cell temperature uniformity enhances the lifecycle of the battery to as much as 3000 charge cycles and allows each cell to reach its optimum performance levels while remaining compact and lightweight. Taking a Zero Turn lawn mower as an example, XING Mobility predict that by maximizing the vehicle performance and increasing the battery life with immersion cooling technology, electrification can reduce the cost of lifetime fuel consumption to less than 20% of that of an average internal combustion engine vehicle.  

IP67-rated and made from durable, reinforced components and materials, the battery is extremely reliable, enabling users of the technology to reduce the lifetime cost of maintaining the equipment to nearly half. In addition, the cooling fluid contains fire-suppressing properties, which makes the technology extremely safe for equipment handlers and first-time users of EV battery systems.

The company’s modular battery and powertrain products have already been installed in a large range of commercial, industrial and recreational applications including light construction vehicles, snowmobiles, supercars, autonomous buses, light-duty trucks, aerospace applications and recreational boats. With the US lawn and garden care market growing at 30% and GIE+EXPO holding the title as leading industry trade show for landscape contracting and outdoor power equipment manufacturers, XING Mobility will debut their products at Booth 10173 from October 16-18 2019 at Kentucky Exposition Center.

About XING Mobility

XING Mobility is a provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle battery and powertrain systems for specialty applications. Using extensive experience and know-how derived from designing and making electric supercars and racecars, XING Mobility delivers a range of drivetrain technology products and engineering services designed to empower any and every vehicle maker to go electric.

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