We're very excited to bring you Edition II of XING Mobility's newsletter and to share what we've been up to over the last couple of months. We know many of you have been wondering when Taiwan's first electric supercar will take the stage. Let's get you up to speed...

MISS R hits the road for her first round of tests

Progress on our rally-inspired electric supercar is well underway. So much so, that last month we were able to take MISS R on her first spin, captured in the teaser video below. The success of these initial test drives paved the way for our official announcement of MISS R  to the international community today, in which we revealed a prototype completion schedule of late 2018.

3M revealed as a key supplier to patented 'XING Battery Pack' product

We also unveiled the "Secret Sauce" behind MISS R's unprecedented power: our patented 'XING Battery Pack' and a previously-top-secret use of 3M's self-cooling, self-extinguishing Novec 7200 solution. The official announcement made today positions XING Mobility as the first electric drive systems provider to target mid-low volume commercial and industrial vehicle manufacturers, providing a necessary option to this currently under-served market.

Our client list significantly expanded

In fact, our unique modular battery design is already being transferred onto our client's city buses, scooters, construction vehicles and special-purpose boats. Behind the scenes, we've been quietly working on a series of EV powertrain projects for commercial vehicle makers from around the world, using the technology developed from building supercars, the identities of which we will reveal when our clients make their respective announcements next year.

Meanwhile in the press...

As production of our Miss R prototype has ramped up, we've been receiving more and more questions on the motivation behind building a rally-inspired electric supercar, why we've chosen Taiwan as a base for our ambitions, and what the future of transportation holds in store. Automotive journalist, Sam Williams, reveals some of the answers to these questions in his deep-dive interviews with co-founders Royce and Azizi linked here, as well as his recent feature article on XING Mobility in Taiwan News available here.

So what's next?

The next few months will see MISS R's body fitted and the complete vehicle tested at full power in preparation for her debut on the world stage...we've included a sneak peak of what's coming below. Meanwhile, a full range of XING Mobility's drivetrain technologies will be flown out Birmingham, UK for Autosport International 2018, one of the world's largest racing and performance car shows, taking place from 11-14 January 2018.

Finally, we'd like to sincerely thank you again for the continued support we've received from our community and supporters. Tune in for more news at the end of the year!

-Xing Mobility team