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Case Study: Open-pit Mining

A mid-size mineral mining site located in Asia employed about 20 dump trucks. After running on diesel for over 20 years, these dump trucks are now facing issues such as increasing diesel fuel cost, high maintenance and repair cost, and decreasing working efficiency, let alone creating pollution and unsafe working conditions. This customer requested to use IMMERSIO™ Modular Battery System, enabling their dump trucks to perform more consistently and efficiently than running on diesel.




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Cost-effective Electrification Choice

High operation cost is a significant pain point that most customers in the mining industry face. On average, each mining dump truck’s diesel cost is around USD95,000 every year, which is a heavy burden for the mining site. Each vehicle's maintenance costs about USD290,000 during a diesel engine’s 8 years life cycle.

Due to diesel engine’s thermal efficiency, a dump truck’s combustion efficiency is only 20%. Low combustion efficiency causes the vehicle to pause 5 to 6 times a day to refuel, which lowers working efficiency. The attrition rate of diesel engine components is high, increasing the frequency of repairing. On the other hand choosing electrification will eliminate 260 tons of CO2 release every year.

Total Cost of Ownership Break Down: ICE vs EV

US$ thousands, 2020 ; Calculation of Cost savings by 8 years of usage. 
Source, XING Mobility

  For ICE  

Vehicle cost

Fuel ​Cost

Maintenance Cost

Engine Overhaul Cost

Total cost of ownership

  For EV  

Vehicle cost

Electricity ​Cost

Maintenance Cost

Engine Overhaul Cost

Total cost of ownership













Modularity Allows Fast Prototyping

Advanced Safety with Excellent Thermal Control 

Unprecedented Modularity can Scale and Stack like a Lego

Like our case study customer, XING Mobility realized most customers have a strong demand to produce a small number of electric vehicles. The demands drive from users who only need to convert a few vehicles, or vehicle integrators or manufacturers require making prototypes. IMMERSIO™ allows vehicle manufacturers to easily and quickly convert vehicle fleets and utilize existing or unused chassis as the module's compact size and flexibility can accommodate unusual geometry or packaging dimensions.


Advanced Safety with


Thermal control is one of the most critical features and considerations when designing battery systems for electric vehicles. The battery cells only have a narrow window of operating temperature for optimal performance. Like this mining case study customer, operation safety is one of the biggest concerns for most end-users as well.


With IMMERSIO™ Modular Battery System's safety features, including XING Battery Management System, Battery Active Safety System, and more, XING Mobility makes every process, such as the developing, testing, and operating, all secure and safe for our customers.