XING Mobility's Advanced Thermal Management Solution


The key to thermal management is heat transfer which is essential to vehicle safety and battery efficiency. It is worth pointing out that battery-operated electric vehicles demand excellent thermal management, as it affects the performance, safety, and reliability of these vehicles.


Heat travels in various ways, namely, conduction, convection, and radiation, so thermal management solutions may vary according to applications. Decent thermal management solutions should be able to offer protection against sudden impact or extreme conditions, as well as efficient heat transfer and prevention of thermal runaway.


Thermal runaway is a process caused by increased temperature, which will in turn release energy to further increase temperature and thus have the entire thermal system enter a destructive cycle.


Currently, the primary solutions for electric vehicle thermal management include air cooling, liquid cooling, direct cooling, and phase change material cooling. The most popular cooling solution of all is liquid cooling, which uses a liquid coolant, e.g., refrigerant to cool the battery. To advance further from the mainstream liquid cooling system, XING Mobility has developed an exclusive proprietary industry-leading immersion cooling technology for thermal management. It has proven to perform better than indirect liquid cooling through in-house testing in areas of cooling performance, battery warm-up, and cycle life.


Further, XING Mobility’s thermal solution has achieved the following two breakthroughs: (1) Reduced charging and discharging time by about 15.6% to 18%; and (2) Improved temperature management.



The diagram above illustrates the results of a heat-up experiment, clearly demonstrating that the battery with a thermal solution heats up 2.5 times faster compared to the battery without thermal management solution.


Specifically, XING Mobility’s immersion cooling technology can effectively prevent thermal runaway, as it is designed to tackle every single cell when managing heat dissipation. Thus, it prevents thermal runaway from accelerating from one single cell to the entire thermal system.


XING Mobility’s thermal management solutions target industrial applications, e.g., construction, agriculture, mining, and energy storage system. Its industry-certified IMMERSIO™ XM25 battery system features optimal performance and safety, ready to deploy for industrial vehicle integration, such as load haul dumps (LHD), tractors, excavators, commercial fleets, as well as stationary energy storage systems.

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