XING Mobility Showcases Immersion

Cooled Modular Battery Technology for

Electric Vehicles at The Battery Show, Europe 

Battery Show XING Mobility display packs
  • XING Mobility introduce an Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System complete with advanced, integrated components and fully compatible powertrain solutions at The Battery Show, Europe 2019. 

  • The solution is displayed this week via several distinctly-shaped battery packs, each targeting varying applications, and all built from a common building-block module. 

  • XING Mobility’s Battery Show display shortly follows the company’s reveal of a fully electric 1969 Chevrolet Camaro conversion as the latest showcase of their technologies in Taipei last week. 


Stuttgart, Germany – 7th May 2019 – XING Mobility™, a provider of automotive-grade electric battery and powertrain technology for specialty vehicle applications, has launched a modularized and fully-integrated electric vehicle (EV) battery pack displayed at The Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany this week. The company’s Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System and integrated powertrain technologies empower every and any vehicle maker to go electric by offering an advanced modular solution and complete plug-and-play capabilities. XING Mobility’s battery systems have already been making their way into customer vehicles across the globe, including construction equipment, boats, off-roaders and trucks.  
At the show, XING Mobility will display several distinctly-shaped battery systems (including triangular, T-shaped and U-shaped packs), revealing the extremely flexible and adaptable nature of the technology as well as the system’s unique ability to accommodate existing vehicle shapes. The battery pack architecture utilizes a micro-module which stacks like Lego to meet the diverse size and shape requirements of the user. Last week, the company showcased the extensive configuration possibilities of the technology by revealing XING Mobility’s complete EV system installed in a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, with no adjustment or development to the existing vehicle body. 




















XING Mobility completed the classic muscle car EV conversion project to convey the compatibility of the modular system for customers with large investments in existing vehicle designs tooling or fleets, or for manufacturers with a high-mix of vehicle models. The company is predominantly targeting specialty vehicle manufacturers in the commercial, industrial and recreational markets who typically produce in low-medium volume, but in a wide variety of model types. These vehicle makers not only have a greater general incentive and demand to go electric for access, operational, and compliance reasons, but also occupy a sizable proportion of automotive manufacturing. Two thirds of motorized vehicles produced in 2014 were in the commercial, industrial and recreational vehicle markets.  

Having originally developed the technology for the company’s own racecar (Miss E) and their 1 Megawatt Electric supercar (Miss R), XING Mobility tackle engineering challenges encountered in the process of designing their own advanced vehicles, but that are also commonly faced throughout the industry. The system is one of the only packs in the world to utilize immersion cooling to present an innovative solution to thermal management challenges. The technology works by submerging cells directly in 3M™Novec™ Engineered Fluid, a non-conductive fluid that allows the pack to effectively and efficiently manage high heat during high charge and discharge cycles. The immersion cooling method is a prime factor for achieving the battery’s extremely high power output, delivering a peak discharge rating of 2500 amps and a continuous rating of 1260 amps. 

By achieving 100% direct cell-to-fluid contact and enabling superior cell temperature uniformity, the technology addresses loss of power and charge, and allows for high-speed charging, and significantly improved battery life. The system also employs advanced sealing and interlocking technology to provide a rigid mechanical structure and is IP67 and IP68 rated. With ultra-low fluid loss and extremely resilient packaging forming a key design priority, the battery is unique in its durability without requiring heavy or complex battery enclosures, ensuring the pack has a competitive overall energy density. The immersion cooling technology also delivers sizable safety benefits with the fluid containing fire suppression properties, which dissipates heat arising from cell-to-cell thermal runaway or damage.  


In addition to the battery pack, XING Mobility has launched an extensive range of integrated and connected drivetrain components including motors, invertors, built-in Battery Management Systems (BMS), chargers and display kits, which greatly simplifies the sourcing and integration process for customers of the product. According to the company’s Co-founder and CTO, Azizi Tucker, “These all-in-one, plug-and-play technologies puts our specialty vehicle customers in a very advantageous position of being able to install and connect power in a matter of hours, even without previous experience of EV systems which is something we see quite often with small-to-medium sized manufacturers”. 


About XING Mobility

XING Mobility is a provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle battery and powertrain systems for specialty applications. Using extensive experience and know-how derived from designing and making electric supercars and racecars, XING Mobility delivers a range of drivetrain technology products and engineering services designed to empower any and every vehicle maker to go electric

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Battery Show XING Mobility Display Packs