Modular Battery System  









The World’s Most Modular Battery System Explained

Fast Deployment


Modular Battery System Features

Unprecedented Modularity 

With the unique Lego-like design, our modules can scale and stack and fit into various spaces and shapes, allowing the battery system to accommodate any vehicle type. 

Advanced Safety

Battery cells are directly immersed in a non-conductive and non-flammable coolant. This coolant is pumped through the system with a dynamic flow rate, effectively and successfully achieving thermal control.

Smart Cooling System

Variable speed pumps to circulate coolant throughout the battery system, transferring heat from the battery cells to the coolant

Experienced in developing EV powertrain solutions for faster deployment with lower development cost.

Fast Deployment

Battery Active Safety System

Maximum 800Vdc and 1000A discharge power, built-in pre-charge circuit with system safety protection

XING Battery Management System

Real-time 3G connected battery safety and performance monitor that tracks locations and provides over-the-air (OTA) upgrade

Unprecedented Modularity

Empowering Every and Any Industrial Vehicle to Go Electric

Application : 1

Small Excavator

60S System

  • Energy: 32 kWh 

  • Cell: Li-NMC

  • Voltage Range: 168...249 V

  • Continuous discharge power: 35...46 kW*

  • Continuous charge power: 17...25 kW*

  • Cycle Life: 3000**

Application : 2


96S System

  • Energy: 50  kWh 

  • Cell: Li-NMC

  • Voltage Range: 249...398 V

  • Continuous discharge power : 52...84 kW*

  • Continuous charge power : 25...40 kW*

  • Cycle Life: 3000**

Application : 3

LHD loaders

180S System

  • Energy: 95 kWh 

  • Cell: Li-NMC

  • Voltage Range: 504...747 V

  • Continuous discharge power: 106...157 kW*

  • Continuous charge power: 50...75 kW*

  • Cycle Life: 3000**

Design Your

Own Battery

Customized System

  • Unique lego-like modular design allows up to 5000 shapes and sizes

  • Suitable for all types of industrial vehicles

  • Find out what is the best design for your vehicle today

* Depending on cable, connector, SOC, temperature, and internal fuse type

** Depending on individual use profile, especially DoD, temperature, and power

Design Your Own Battery System



XING Mobility had proven to be very proactive and professional in their technical capability and design. Their ease of communication and international approach is something we have not seen other places.


XING is a company that brings things to life. A company that energizes, powers, and tames the wild beast.



3M is delighted to work with cutting-edge companies like XING Mobility to deliver extraordinary performance gains to the industry.



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